Resume Bootcamp - PennSERVE

A deep dive into resumes and cover letters

Course Designed for PennSERVE AmeriCorps Access Only.

If you are interested in this custom course and not affiliated with an AmeriCorps program in Pennsylvania please contact us at [email protected]

In this course, we will drill down into strong resume development for today’s employment process that is largely based upon digital and online application systems. We will assist learners in translating their personal experiences as an AmeriCorps Member, into broader concepts and skills necessary for their next career phase. We will discuss strategies for organization of their resume and cover letter to decrease being overlooked in a pool of hundreds of applicants and to highlight the benefit of national service experience to a variety of fields and sectors. Participants will have a chance to update their resume descriptions for their AmeriCorps term in real time and receive other core steps to assist them in preparing for their next job search.

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