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Managing compassion fatigue

Course Designed for PennSERVE AmeriCorps Access Only.

If you are interested in this custom course and not affiliated with an AmeriCorps program in Pennsylvania please contact us at [email protected]

This session will provide participants with an overview of mental health, trauma, and burnout as well as how to recognize the signs that you may need to seek additional support. Participants will learn talking points for handling an unexpected personal crisis or challenge as well as learn to gather resources and access accommodations when appropriate. Being a helper is hard work that requires intentional practices such as building healthy boundaries and engaging in self care routines. This training will provide participants with tools to create a self care plan to support them in “filling their cup” in the midst of serving others.

Your Instructor

Heather Mercer, MSW, LICSWA, CDP-T
Heather Mercer, MSW, LICSWA, CDP-T

Heather’s passion for helping others and bringing about sustainable change in our society led her to embark on a career in the social sector nearly 20 years ago. Starting as a volunteer and working her way up the ranks, Heather has expertise as a dually licensed social worker and chemical dependency counselor with a special focus on wraparound services. She has experience in managing national programs that promote social good and social change efforts as well as capacity building for organizations through training and technical assistance.

In 2016, Heather attained her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California where she studied Community Organizing and Policy Administration.

Heather has recently taken her passion and talents to Northeast Washington where she is currently serving as a Behavioral Health Data and Technology Specialist supporting the integration of community health systems with a focus on improving health outcomes through delivering culturally competent, whole-person care to all community members.

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